At The Boys & Girls Club of Glasgow-Barren County, our team strives to serve the community through teaching youth the fundamentals of being an involved and caring citizen. Each staff works to develop individual relationships with every child at BGC so that they can reach their full potential. Here at the Club our main focus is creating an environment for children that is built on equality, trust, and solid relationships. Below are the young adults that make this happen every day!

  • Mary lee england: executive director

  • Mallie boston:  Unit Director

    Mallie has been working with our community youth for over 5 years. As Unit Director, she oversees the Club,Staff and Members, while working to build positive relationships with the families and community. She has a strong background in emergency preparedness, behavioral specialties, and outdoor expedition. Mallie has watched dozens of members grow into young adults at the Club and hopes to continue to grow the Club experience.

    *Pictured with Antonio Herndandez, 2017 Youth of the Year Member

  • Melinda Stinson:  Director of Operations

    As Director of Operations, Melinda oversees financial operations and grant administrations for the Club. Melinda is the queen of organization and has a serious talent for event planning! Melinda works deligently to keep each program area and member, fulfilled with project needs and funding. Melinda has high expectations for the Club and plans to continue to raise the bar.

  • Teresa smith: Substitute

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  • robert whitlow: maintenance steward

    Robert Whitlow is more than dedicated to the facilities here at the Club. Robert works hard to provide a safe and clean environment. He goes the extra mile for his Club by aiding in the Garden program, mentoring members, and he is often found getting members engaged in caring for their Club. Robert is a wonderful role model and never fails to have a positive attitude.

  • alyssa wood: 

    youth development staff

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  • hayli york: Teen Coordinator

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