why Club matters

Every day, 11.3 million kids are left unsupervised after school lets out.Clubs help save lives. 

By focusing on teaching youth how to be self-sustaining through quality programming, skill-building and mentorship, we can rewrite what poverty looks like. By investing in our youth today we are able to change the outcomes for our community tomorrow

We are a safe place for youth to express themselves and find the path for a great future. A place where every adult is fighting for their happiness, safety, and success. Where Great Futures can begin.

A place to become

Our goal is to change the statistics. Barren County's numbers show our poverty rates are rising, youth are entering foster care at a rapid pace, and food security is a growing problem. 

At the BGCGBC families pay $45 for yearly membership. That membership includes a hot supper every afternoon, clothing and food pantry that is always available, grade-tracking and tutoring, physical exercise, skill building, and most importantly a safe place after-school. We believe if we can rewrite what poverty and trauma-response looks like in youth, we can transform their future. The Club provides the tools to be self-sustaining through building skills such as gardening, networking skills, and financial literacy. 

The Club is a safe and loving environment where youth can grow their abilities, meet lifelong friends and mentors, and find the path for a Great Future. The Club is a place for youth to become future leaders. 

Providing a personalized Club Experience means we meet our members where they are, and understand what they need to grow and succeed. Below we have laid out our 3 priority outcome areas. These areas provide a platform for helping all kids build the skills and relationships needed to achieve their goals.

Academic Success

We strive to enable our youth to be successful in school as well as instill a passion for lifelong learning through our academic impact program and our daily hands-on learning and exploration activities. 

Healthy Lifestyles

Targeted programs delivered by our Clubs contribute to children and youth learning about the importance of healthy lifestyles, including eating a healthy diet, practicing healthy lifestyle choices and making a lifelong commitment to physical fitness. 

Character & Leadership

Our character and leadership development programs are used year-round for fostering young people's character, personal growth, and leadership qualities by promoting service to Club, community and family; academic success and life goals.