What it takes

Below we have broken down our most needed areas for financial contribution. Any donation or investment made within our Club supports a child in need. Our youth have grand dreams and goals for the future. By fostering a place for these youth to become whatever they desire, you are directly growing a Greater Future for Barren County.

  • This donation allows for one programming area to have all supplies covered for the year. Allowing for our youth to never go without basic supply items such as notebooks and basketballs!

  • This donation makes it possible for 25 volunteers or staff to receive mandatory background checks. Your contribution would ensure the best volunteers and staff are chosen to support youth with homework, character and leadership mentoring, and general daily programming

  • This investment makes it possible for all costs associated with one child participating in daily program to be covered for the year. Families pay only $45 a year for after-school food, programming, and tutoring.

  • With this contribution 60 youth can recieve all supplies and items needed to learn computer programming and coding. Investing in technology education and programming expands career opportunities. Allowing youth to have advanced understanding of the relationship between technology and the growing workforce.

  • This level of giving helps youth at the age they need us most. With your contribution we can provide all of our teen members with college preparation and workforce development opportunities. Through skill-building, college tours, assistance in ACT and financial aid prep, our youth can feel prepared and confident with the direction of their future. 

  • With this generous donation our Club can introduce NEW educational opportunities and programs for the entire Clubhouse! Our Club thrives on innovative opportunities for youth to grow their bodies, minds, and aspirations. Keeping them engaged and passionate about building their skills is key to creating Great Futures for youth. 

  • The most imporant part of supporting a successful Club is having passionate, creative, and driven team members. By sponsoring the cost of an employee, you give the gift of one caring adult to a child in need. Sponsoring a team member allows for the Club to be fully-staffed to ensure safety and the best mentorship for our youth. 

  • If you are interested in supporting one specific programming such as garden club, cooking club, or a S.T.E.A.M. project, call the Club and discuss what current events or supplies are needed. You can also check out our needs list for items you can purchase to donate today.

"15 years of great futures" campaign

Through the vision of the Gaunce and Houchens family, along with the community support, the Club opened the doors for the very first time on September 14, 2006.

Since that day, hundreds of youth have entered and graduated through the Boys & Girls Club programs. Many youth found more than just a place to be after school. Youth come through our doors and find lifelong friends, mentors, second families, favorite meals, and memories that will never fade. 

For 15 years we have worked hard to provide a unique place for kids when school is not in session. In a community with poverty, hunger, and drug abuse numbers rising, our youth need a place to be the best version of themselves possible. 

That is why we have created a fundraising campaign to support more hours, more programs, more members served, and more possibilities. Help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 by our 15 year anniversary on September 14, 2021 to show our youth they matter and a Great Future is possible, now more than ever. Click here to donate today.

champions for great futures

Below is a list of partners who have committed to an on-going level of support. These corporations or businesses, offer supplies, services, experiences, and or workforce development opportunites for our youth. To invest in our youth as a Champion for Great Futures, call the Club to speak with our CEO, Mallie Boston, and find out how you can make a meaningful impact today.

  • Coming soon...Grinning Face